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Ly thi Thanh Thao

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Sergio Mandelli

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I was born in Phanthiet, a lovely coastal city in the South of Central Vietnam.
I got a degree in American Literature at Tong Hop University, where I taught for two years. Then I moved to Italy in 1988. I should say that, besides art, I love cooking, travelling, social engagements, and the companionship with friends.
I cherish the philosophy that life is so beautiful that we have to live in the present and that we have to constantly move forward.
What else? I love Italy. Wherever we go in Italy, we can find something stunning to contemplate, a square, a palace, a church, a mountain, and so on. I feel thus so blessed to live in this amazing place.
Yet I always have my Vietnam on my mind and in my heart. Whenever you want to know something about my country, just feel free to contact me. I am always pleased to talk about Vietnam.

I was born in Milan.
When I was twenty years old, I discovered Beauty, on a Spring morning, riding my Vespa to Lake Como. Since then, I’ve never stopped looking for it.
I got a degree in French Literature with a thesis on Pierre Klossowski. That’s why I continue to dedicate myself to literature: from time to time I write a poem, or strive to promote works of some authors.
With regards to art, I’ve decided to deal with contemporary art because I think it’s fundamental to personally meet up with the artist , to live the present and to partecipate in current cultural debates.